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Thank you for considering us as your potential photographer!  Unless otherwise previously arranged, Impact Photography Group has the right to use all images captured for multi-media use and advertising purposes.  A referral is one of the greatest forms of flattery for a photographer, so please, don't keep us a secret!!!  


I recommend MPIX.COM for prints up to an 8x8 - they are the consumer branch of their professional lab service.  Please contact me to purchase prints 8x8 or larger, so I can help you control the crop ratios, additional editing which may incur, and to ensure premium quality and color for your display prints.  This will help maintain the integrity of the images, as well as provide the professional print quality your images deserve at minimal prices.  General print prices are available to view on the site when viewing your complete images.


ALL IMAGES COPYRIGHT JAMIE ALLEN AND IMPACT PHOTOGRAPHY GROUP.  For personal use only.  Do not edit or alter.  Professional print labs recommended for optimal quality and color.

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