in this moment. capture it. remember it.



At Impact Photography, we offer a custom approach to your photographic experience. And that's just it - we want it to be an experience. We don’t just do portraits, we bring out the real you, telling your unique story through a collection of personal portrait images and prints. It's important to record your story as your life grows and changes, and we want to capture your individual personality, style, and interests as it does. Whatever it is that makes you who you are, Impact wants to reveal it.


step 1 the staging

Your experience begins with an initial meet and greets where we get to know you, discuss your vision for your session, go over wardrobe, props, and location and make sure that we are the right fit for you as photographers. Since photographs are capturing your memories, we want to make sure your story gets told the way you envision it.


step 2 the session

Just long enough, but not too long. It's relaxed, informal and lots of fun. Feel free to bring your own props, music, and lots of personality; then, let us do the rest.


step 3 the retouching

Your password-protected proofing web gallery will be available within 72 hours after your session or 1 week after your wedding where you'll have 2 weeks to choose and approve your favorite images for retouching. Your favorite images will then spend individual time going through editing and full retouching to ensure every photo reveals the real you without distraction. A quick word about our retouching: we don't use any batch processing or purchased pre-sets in our retouching work. Each image is approached individually to ensure the best attention and quality upon completion.


step 4 the viewing

We reveal the amazing images of you and/or your family in exclusive RETOUCHED + EDITED + WEB galleries from which you can download + share your images. The gallery will be accessible for 6 months, or 1 year for weddings, to download images and share with friends and family.



+ Feel free to bring your favorite music - something that makes you relax and smile, it just adds to the experience!
+ Consider your attire - make an effort to coordinate (not match) your attire with others in your session; this will make your photos more pleasing to the eye. Your wardrobe should consist of lots of layers and texture, and we're not afraid of funky and colorful patterns, just make sure you are still the spotlight! Accessorize!
+ If your session includes props, feel free to include your hobbies and interests - is your son obsessed with cars? Bring a bucket full! Do you live to play guitar? Bring it along! Have you played soccer from the age of three? Let's catch you in action! Whatever it is that makes you, well, you, we want to capture that, too.
+ Keep your kids in mind - bring some snacks, drinks, and toys to entertain them during the shoot and keep everyone in good spirits. Get them excited about the shoot ahead of time.
+ Besides that, HAVE FUN! Enjoy this time in front of the camera, and let us help you document a little piece of your ever-changing life!